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This Month In USMC History
1 October 1997:
The first African-American female colonel in the Marine Corps was promoted to that rank during a ceremony at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina. Colonel Gilda A. Jackson, a native of Columbus, Ohio, made Marine Corps history when she achieved the rank of colonel. She was serving as Special Projects Officer, 2d Marine Aircraft Wing at the time of her promotion.

5 October 1775:
Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the 2d Continental Congress used the word "Marines" on one of the earliest known occasions, when it directed General George Washington to secure two vessels on "Continental risque and pay", and to give orders for the "proper encouragement to the Marines and seamen" to serve on the two armed ships.

6 October 1945:
Major General Keller E. Rockey, Commanding General, III Amphibious Corps, accepted the surrender of 50,000 Japanese troops in North China on behalf of the Chinese Nationalist government.

8 October 1889:
A force of 375 Marines under command of future Commandant George F. Elliott, attacked and captured the insurgent town of Novaleta, Luzon, Philippine Islands, and linked up with U.S. Army troops. There were 11 Marine casualties.

9 October 1917:
The 8th Marines was activated at Quantico, Virginia. Although the regiment would not see combat in Europe during World War I, the officers and enlisted men of the 8th Marines participated in operations against dissidents in Haiti for over five years during the 1920s. During World War II, the regiment was assigned to the 2d Marine Division and participated in combat operations on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa, and earned three Presidential Unit Citations.

11 October 1951:
A Marine battalion was flown by transport helicopters to a frontline combat position for the first time, when HMR-161 lifted the 3d Battalion, 7th Marines, and its equipment, during Operation Bumblebee, northeast of Yanggu, Korea.

19 October 1968:
Operation Maui Peak, a combined regimental-sized operation which began on 6 October, ended 11 miles northwest of An Hoa, Vietnam. More than 300 enemy were killed in the 13-day operation.

23 October 1983:
At 0622 an explosive-laden truck slammed into the BLT headquarters building in Beirut, Lebanon, where more than 300 men were billeted. The massive explosion collapsed the building in seconds, and took the lives of 241 Americans--including 220 Marines. This was the highest loss of life in a single day for Marines since D-Day on Iwo Jima in 1945.

28 October 1962:
An 11,000-man 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade left Camp Pendleton by sea for the Caribbean during the Cuban Missile Crisis. One week earlier, the entire 189,000-man Marine Corps had been put on alert and elements of the 1st and 2d Marine Divisions were sent to Guantanamo Bay to reinforce the defenders of the U.S. Naval Base. Other 2d Division units and squadrons from five Marine Aircraft Groups were deployed at Key West, Florida, or in Caribbean waters during the Cuban crisis.

31 October 1919:
A patrol of Marines and gendarmes, led by Sergeant Herman H. Hanneken, disguised themselves as Cacos and entered the headquarters of the Haitian Caco Leader, Charlemagne Peralte, killing the bandit chief, and dispersing his followers. Sergeant Hanneken and Corporal William R. Button were each awarded the Medal of Honor.

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USMC Terms
Marines have to learn the correct terms for many things, sometimes it is almost like a whole new language.
Below are a list of some of the terms used by Marines also what each term, or word means.

I hope this helps you better understand the Marine Corps and some of its strange language.

Able target---The round bulls eye target
Aboard---on base
Alice pack---field pack worn by Marines.(all purpose,lightweight,individual,carrying,equipment)
All hands---everybody
As you were---resume activity
Aye,aye---Acknowledgement of an order.
BFA--- Blank Firing Apratas blocks the gas from the blank and uses it to cycle the bolt on the weapon.Without it the weapon would fire once and not cycle a new round into the chamber.
Blouse---jacket of the uniform.
Blues---Dress blue formal uniform.
Boondocks---Swamps,small towns,middle of nowhere(also called boonies)
Boot---Recruit,or new Marine.
Brig---jail,or prison.
Bunk---Bed(also called "rack".)
Camies---camouflage uniform.
Carry on---same as "as you were".
CG---commanding General.
Cheese dick--- a Marine who whines,or (also see "no load,"shitbird",or "taliban")
Chit---a small piece of paper,or recruit money.
Chow down---to eat
Click--one notch of a rifle sight,or one kilometer.
CMC---Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Colors---American flag,also the ceremonies of raising the flag and lowering the flag.
Corpsman---Navy medic who serves with Marines, also called "doc".
Cover---Marine corps hat.
Deuce gear---782 gear,equipment carried by Marines.
D.I---Drill Instructor.
Ditty bag---a caring bag for misc.items,also called a war bag.
Dog and pony show---special drill,or something else if you happen to visit Korea!!
Double time---running.
Fart sack---a fixed sheet that goes on your rack.
Field day---cleanning the barracks.
Float---sea deployment.
FMF---Fleet Marine Force.
FTS---fuck the suck,what Marines say when they are mad at the Corps.
Grinder---parade deck.
Grunt---Marine Infantryman.
Gung ho---highly motivated(Chinese for pulling together).
Head---toilet,or shitter.
High-and-Tight---standard marine haircut
Hooch--- a 2 man tent
Hump---march,or hike.
MCT---Marine Combat Training.
IG---Inspector General.
Jarhead---a Marine
Leatherneck---Another name for a Marine.
Liberty---Authorized absence up to 96 hours.
M16A2---basic Marine weapon.
M60---belt fed automatic weapon.
Maggies drawers---means you missed the target at the rifle range!!
No load---a Marine that doesn't carry his weight,or a fuckup(also see shitbird)
PFT---Physical fitness test
Pogey bait--- candy.
PX---post exchange,a store on base.
Quarters---living space.
Rack---bed(also see "bunk")
Rappel---to descend by rope.
Round---bullet,or shell.
Scuttlebutt---gossip,rumors,almost always bullshit!!
Seabag---large canvas bag for hauling you gear.
Secure---to stop,lock up or put away.
Semper Fi--- short for Semper Fidelis,Latin for always faithful,the Marine Corps motto.
Shitbird---a Marine that does'nt care or is sloppy.(also see "no load")
Sick bay---medical center.
Smoking lamp---if it is lit you can smoke,if it is out you cant smoke.
Snap in---Practice firing on the range.
SOP---standard operating procedure.
Sound off---shouting very loud!!
Squad bay---Large room where many marines live.
Squared away---neat,good Marine.
Squid--Navy person(also see "swabbie")
SRB---service record book
Swabbie---Navy person.(also see "squid")
T-day---B day.
Taliban--- Islamic extremist assholes,talk big but in fact are pussies!!(see also "cheese dick","no load",or look up coward on the Internet.)
UA---unauthorized absence.
Unk---unqualified on the rifle range.
War belt---cartridge belt used to carry equipment.
The word---confirmed info.
Marine Of The Month

Lance Cpl. James M. Gluff

20, of Tunnel Hill, Ga.; assigned to the 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; died Jan. 19 in Ramadi, Iraq, while conducting combat operations.


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