Famous Marines

While one may debate the "Greatness" or "Fame" of these men, the fact remains
that each of them sacrificed a few years of their lives in the
interest of preserving the freedom to debate.

Famous Marines

Leslie M. (Bud) Baker Jr., Chairman of the Board of Wachovia Bank

Conrad Burns, U.S. Senator from Montana

Drew Carey, Comedian

John S. Corzine, U.S. Senator from New Jersey

Ronald (Lee) Ermey, Actor

Joe (Jacob) Foss, U.S. Senator from South Dakota, and NRA President

Gene Hackman, Actor

Don Imus, Radio Show Host

George Jones, Country Musician

John Glenn, Jr., Astronaut and U.S. Senator from Ohio

Robert James (Bob) "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan, TV Show Host

Alfred Lerner, Financier and former Chairman of MBNA Corporation

Robert A. Lutz, Former Chairman of the Board, Chrysler

Ed McMahon, Television Host

Steve McQueen, Actor

Zell Miller, U.S. Senator from Georgia

Lee Marvin, Actor

Tom Monaghan, Founder and CEO, Dominos Pizza

Tyrone Power, Actor

Buddy Rich, Jazz Musician

Pupa "Shaggy" Rico, Musician

Fred Smith, Chairman of the Board and CEO, FedEx

John Phillip Sousa, Composer and Musician

Craig Thomas, U.S. Senator from Wyoming

James E. Webb, Second Administrator of NASA and Former Secretary of the Navy

Felix de Weldon, Artist

Montel Williams, Talk Show Host

Ted Williams, Major League Baseball Player and Hall of Famer

Jonathan Winters, Comedian

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